SPI Competition

SharmRend Competition

2 nd Competition for Creative Professionals

The Chairman of Insurance Federation of Egypt, President of Sharm Rendezvous organizing committee, has the pleasure to announce the 2nd Round of SPI Competition for creative professionals, which became one of the main features of Sharm Rendezvous, and one of the insurance world's most prestigious awards. As you may know, this competition is held annually and as it was held in 1st Sharm Rendezvous 2018, the Results will be announced in November 2019 and the awards ceremony will take place during the 2nd Sharm Rendezvous 2019 Closing Ceremony and Gala Dinner.


we were surprised form the unexpected success of the 1st SPI competition as we had around 20 competitors from all over the world ….

This was amazing for the first year! Our objective for the 2nd edition of the SPI competition is continuing this success and give the chance for all creative professionals to spread their precious ideas through the SPIs topics of 2nd Sharm Rendezvous. Mr. Alaa El-Zoheiry Said.

Mr. El-Zoheiry continued, “helping to boost standards and promote greater professionalism in the market something needed for our industry and I have the pleasure to invite all of you to participate … we aim to make a difference in the insurance market…

It is an important step that motivates you to discover your abilities to take the first step of being ranked vis-à-vis your fellow competitors… Be proud to show that you know you are doing “Good” for yourself and for your industry.

The Criteria of 2nd SPI Competition:

The process is transparent, the criteria and categories are clearly defined, the judges comprises distinguished domestic and international jury made up of leading figures among the session experts, and the results are independently audited.

The subject of the Articles has to be related to any one of SPI program for 2019 as follows:

  • SPI 1: Egypt's insurance sector overcomes challenges -The impact of regulation today and in the future.
  • SPI 3: Profitability in non-life insurance: mind the gap
  • SPI-4: Climate Risk and Natural Catastrophes – Closing the Protection Gap
  • SPI-5: Brokers as Partners - The Key attributes to succeed in sustainable, innovative and competitive environment.
  • SPI-6: Expanding the Spectrum of Life/LTC Combination Plans.

Each competitor should choose a subject which best suits his/her particular knowledge and enthusiasm, and according to the competition rules the competitors have to treat their subjects in an original way, not simply quoting or collating the ideas of others.

The Rules of the competition are as follows:

  • Every Participants should send all his/ her contact details and his/ her company / organization.
  • Participants’ age not exceeding 50 years.
  • Each entry must be written in English, must take the form of a work of Article.
  • The submitted Article should not exceed 12 pages.
  • The Article is sent to the members of the Organizing Committee at IFE for evaluation.
  • All entries for the competition must be typed (double spaced) or printed and submitted in duplicate on A4 white paper.
  • Entrants are recommended to send their entries by recorded delivery and to seek confirmation of their delivery from the Post Office if required.


1st  SPI Award
2500 $
1st  SPI Award 2500 $
2nd  SPI Award
2000 $
2nd  SPI Award 2000 $
3rd  SPI Award
1500 $
1st  SPI Award 2500 $
4th  SPI Award
1000 $
1st  SPI Award 2500 $

The Juries:

A panel of 10 distinguished juries from SPIs 2019 speakers and moderators will review the articles and give a score for each competitor (out of 100), and send the final score of the four winners to the president of Sharm rendezvous Organizing committee.

Kindly note the following:

The awards ceremony will be held in Closing Ceremony and Gala Dinner.   Winners will receive letters by emails before the event (enough time) to start their procedures to attend the awards ceremony. The organizing committee of Sharm Rendezvous offers the winners free registration to 2nd Sharm Rendezvous and free accommodation during the official days of the conference.

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The deadline of submitting
The researches is 30th September 2019.
Please send your paper to:
ed@ifegy.net ; azza_arfeen@hotmail.com ; omayma.nasr@ifegy.net
For more information, please contact:
Mrs. Azza Arfeen
Mobile : (+2) 01223404366 / 01004500010